////Ideal Steel Hybrid (Woodstock Soapstone Company, Inc.)
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Ideal Steel Hybrid (Woodstock Soapstone Company, Inc.)

  • Product
    • Manufacturer:  Woodstock Soapstone Company, Inc.
    • Brand:  Woodstock Soapstone Company, Inc.
    • Model: Ideal Steel Hybrid
    • Stove Type:  Catalytic
    • Country of Origin:  United States
    • Construction Material:  Steel
    • Loading:  Front
  • Performance
    • Recommended Heating Area (sq ft):  up to 2,200
    • Heat Output (BTU/hr):  12,300 – 57,000 (EPA Test); 13,017 – 60,530 (manufacturer stated)
    • EPA Certified:  Yes
    • Actual Measured Efficiency (%):  82
    • Emission Rate (g/hr):  1.0
  •  Measurements
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 35.5″x29.5″x27.5″
    • Weight (lbs):  620
    • Capacity:  3.2 cu ft
    • Log Length:  22″
    • Burn Time (hrs):  10-14
    • Flue Size:  6″
    • Back Clearance:  14″ (6″ with optional heat shield)
    • Side Clearance:  19″


* Heaters certified as meeting the 2015 Standards of Performance for New Residential Wood Heaters, New Residential Hydronic Heaters and Forced-Air Furnaces, Subpart AAA

Source: https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2013-08/documents/certifiedwood.pdf


Product Description

The Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood stove is the most affordable high performance, low emission woodstove on the market. You’ll get more heat, burn less wood, and create less smoke than with any other wood or pellet stove. But that’s not all!  The Ideal Steel Hybrid Woodstove is the first woodstove with customizable sides, top, and andirons.  It’s easy to use in the spring and fall as well as the winter, and it heats medium sized spaces as well as large ones because it has a high efficiency and low emissions across a large range of outputs.

Award-Winning Wood Stove   The IDEAL STEEL Hybrid Wood Stove was developed in 2013 as Woodstock Soapstone Company’s entry in the Woodstove Design Challenge. The Design Challenge had 14 finalists from 5 countries competing for a $25,000 grand prize awarded for the best overall performance in 5 criteria: affordability, efficiency, emissions, innovation and market appeal. The Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood Stove was the grand prize winner! Click here to read about the Ideal Steel Hybrid in Popular Mechanics Magazine.

High Efficiency Wood Stove   The IDEAL STEEL Hybrid Wood Stove has a record 82% EPA tested efficiency and average emissions of 1.04 gm/hr. It will easily burn 12-14 hours, and will heat large areas comfortably. It’s high efficiency means that it will produce up to 131,000 more BTUs per day than a standard non-catalytic stove, making it one of the best wood stoves on the market.

Affordable Wood Stove   To make the IDEAL STEEL Hybrid Wood Stove affordable, we changed from cast iron to steel as our basic building material. Steel costs about half as much per pound as cast iron. We believe that the IDEAL STEEL Hybrid Wood Stove is the most efficient, cleanest, and longest burning stove in its price range (less than $2,000).
Our Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood Stove is on sale now.

Custom Artwork  We offer low cost customization on the IDEAL STEEL Hybrid Wood Stove. You can choose a design for the sides, the top, and the andirons from our design book, or you can design you own parts using our GEARED 2U DESIGN SERVICE.  We can produce almost any two dimensional graphic design for your stove!



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