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Sequoia (Kuma Stove Inc.)

  • Product
    • Manufacturer:  Kuma Stove Inc.
    • Brand:  Kuma Stove Inc.
    • Model: Sequoia
    • Stove Type:  Catalytic
    • Country of Origin:  United States
    • Construction Material:  Steel
    • Loading:  Front
    • Draft Control:  Manual
  • Performance
    • Heat Output (BTU/hr):  10,100 – 52,100
    • Recommended Heating Area (sq ft):  3,500
    • Actual Measured Efficiency (%):  84
    • Emission Rate (g/hr):  2.2
  • Measurements
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 32.5″x30″x24″
    • Weight (lbs):  550
    • Capacity:  3.6 cu ft
    • Log Length:  23″
    • Burn Time (hrs):  14
    • Flue Size:  8″

Product Description

The Sequoia model boasts the highest tested efficiency of any stove in North America.  With an EPA listed efficiency of 84%, the Sequoia edges out several other large catalytic stoves for the top honors.  The Sequoia is also one of the top BTU producing stoves ever made, with the ability to comfortably heat up to 3500 square feet.  And lastly, the natural convection of the Sequoia has to be seen to be believed. The volume of air being moved by the stove’s design, without the help of a blower, is truly remarkable.


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