A curated list of wood burning products from over four decades of burning experience.

Suburban Lumberjacking is an experiment in affiliate marketing.  After listening to the Side Hustle School podcast by Chris Guillebeau, I learned of a website in the UK making $700/month listing Fishtanks, with reviews, that could be then purchased on Amazon.com.  So I decided to experiment myself with something I knew… heating my home with wood.  Most wood burning sites I’ve come across are too broad in nature (ie homesteading) or too specific (ie axe review).  For me, the journey of burning wood starts from the time the tree is cut until it is used to heat your home.  I have yet to find a site that addresses each facet of the journey from a product perspective in a visually elegant and responsive website.  I’ve spent countless hours researching the best products to purchase for each phase of the journey and curated them here, for you.
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