Carpenter ants cause damage by tunneling and nesting inside wood structures. However, unlike termites, they don’t feed on wood, but burrow to build their nests. They usually prefer damp, decaying wood that is easy to excavate.  This burrowing can cause a range of damage.  Decaying trees and firewood piles are common places for such activity and will almost always attract wood ants if left untreated.  For these reasons, stack firewood piles away from your house so nesting doesn’t migrate to your home.

While there are a variety of ways to treat an ant infestation, a flamethrower is by far the most fun!  In the video below, it is set to the lowest setting so the camera would pick up the flame.  Otherwise, it burns blue/clear with a 4-6 foot flame.  I purchased it primarily for burning weeds in my gravel driveway, but it comes in handy for a variety of other projects around the house.

The “Red Dragon” flamethrower is what I used in the video and can be purchased on Amazon here:

This tree round isn’t smiling, it’s a carpenter ant infestation!