Similar to the post on pallet chicken coops (here), I built a tree house from pallet planks.  Why unconventional?  Well, I don’t think there is, or should be, a guide for projects like this.  You’ll need to work with the trees in your yard, design a foundation, and then design and build the tree house.  I came across and noticed they list 7 steps as a guide as follows:

  1. Check the planning/building regulations in your area
  2. Design the treehouse plan before you start cutting any wood
  3. Keep supports separate to the house framework
  4. Allow flexibility in the supports if you use more than one tree
  5. Use single large bolts for attachments to the tree
  6. Avoid restricting tree growth
  7. Build as much as possible on the ground

I found it difficult to design anything not knowing where and how the pallet would rest in the trees.  So I couldn’t sketch anything out with dimensions in advance.  I had a general idea of what I wanted to look like and just started building.  For this tree house, I used a 4’x4′ pallet for the floor, filling in the planks to form a solid floor.  I then rested the pallet floor in the trees and marked where I wanted it to sit.  I then built a foundation at those marks with pressure treated 2’x6’s by using lag bolts into the tree.  I then built the rest of the tree house on the ground.  The thought was to build it and then hoist it up to the tree after the foundation was built.

Stay tuned for the pictures on hoisting it up!