Building a chicken coop from recycled pallets starts with removing the planks from the pallets.  I used a sawzall to cut through the nails holding the planks to the pallet supports.  A pallet, roughly 4’x4′ was used as the floor of this coop with 3/4″ pressure treated plywood on top of it to hold the pine shavings in.  The pallet planks were used for the siding and roofing with a layer of standard shingles to prevent rain from entering the coop.  A nesting box and hinged doors for easy clean-out were added.  The chicken run is built from 2×4’s and welded wire mesh with an old door I had laying in my garage attic.  It’s used to access the coop to feed, water, and clean out.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Pallet planks
  • Poultry water
  • Poultry feeder
  • Welded wire mesh
  • Screws
  • Various hardware (hinges, eye hooks, s-hooks)